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Feedback on first build

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ok so i have been wanting to create my own computer for about 4 months and now that my old monitor broke up i wanted to create my own, and what best than using it with mac software, i have read PLENTY of tutorials online on how to build pcs and hackintoshes, but still it is my first build so i would like to know if the parts of this wish list are good and very compatible with osx86, also please give me feedback about what things i cn change thanks alot!.


PD i need a really urgent answer because im leaving the us in about 2 weeks and need to order the stuff asap, because of the shipping time and stuf thank you so much. :D




please check out my wishlost and take in mind this is my first build.

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Can't see your wishlist unless it's shared.


Either way, since you're building a system from scratch, use a Mo Board with an Intel chipset and Intel processor. The components on this page represent the most compatible components.


Also, look at the signatures of people with 100% successful builds.



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Nice setup. I am using the same motherboard that you have selected. I am jealous on the price, I think mine cost me $20 more. Just for comparison here is what I went with:


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R

CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9450

Memory: 8 GB Gskill PC2-1066 (I have had great luck with Gskill)

Video: Gigabyte Radeon HD 3870 (always used Nvidia, wanted to try something different)


I only went with the Intel Quad Core because I was able to get it locally for $249, otherwise I was considering the same CPU you selected or the E8400. Good luck and let us know how it goes...

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