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Install OSX from USB on laptop


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After testing Leopard on my main computer i'm trying to install osx on my laptop ( compaq N620c, works with Tiger so it should work with leopard ) My laptop has a broken cd/dvd-drive so my only option is installing from usb ( fully supported, installed xp serveral times with usb ).


I have


Laptop with usb booting

4gb usb stick, booting fine when installing xp

Other pc with leopard/win xp

Kalway 10.5.2 and Iatkos 1.0i r3 Iso


I tried erasing the usb stick and then restoring the images to the usbstick, but no-go, a blinking cursus when booting. Then i tried making that partiton active but no change either, and now i am out of ideas, the only guides i found are about reinstalling osx from usb on the same computer. Can anyone help me ?

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