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P5N32-E sli Plus LAN drivers and issues

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During the install I selected forcedeth drivers and made sure that my bio's boot rom is enabled but during the boot to OSX all the lights on my onboard NIC go out and upon view network connections it says they're unplugged. So I assume that it's a driver issue.



What drivers need to be selected on my board for the NIC during install? Or is there anything I can do without reinstalling it.


Asus p5n32-E SLi plus board using onboard LAN

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I'm using the same mobo with iDeneb 10.5.5 v.1.3 (which includes Nforce drivers).


The ForceDeth.kext included is not bad...yet it doesn't acquire any IP address.


Then I found the following driver...which is buggy...but working:




I trust with the new nforce-based MacBooks around it will be easier to get our Nforce LANs finally working.


Good luck! ;)

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