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[Request for Help] Making a Hackbook

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To make your Hackbook based on these intructions you will need:

Sony VAIO NR-Series (Any of these will work since they have the same hardware other than the RAM and Processor

Kalyway Install Disk - I used the 10.5.2 to get this working as it is the simplest and most stable at the time

Internet access to this forum - I will be updating this so that we can get these systems to get constantly better.

A license of OSX - Don't be illegal get a license

USB mouse - To make track pad work will disable your pad at times so have this as a backup.

A second moniter (this is only necessary if you want to have multi screen capibilities.)


Okay so this is half a install guide for the Sony VAIO NR series and half a list for me to remember how I got stuff working. So I hope that this helps people to get some of this hardware working and I hope that you guys can help me a little to get some of these things working. Below the bolded text is the hardware as is read in the system prefs of Vista, I will soon make an edit that includes the hardware readout within OSx


Video Card- Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family

I know it is not fixed yet, but I'm able to not have to safe boot by cutting all the AppleIntel viedo kexts.

Also for storage space I have deleted the ATIRadeon stuff.


Although this gets me at a workable 1024x768 res, CI and QE are not working as well as shader, and multi-res selection. If anyone can help me with this I would be grateful.

Sound Card- Realtek High Definition Sound Card

My Highdef Realtek Intel sound card started working once I was able to get my graphics card working to get me out of safe mode.

Network- None of this is working yet


Wireless -
Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

I have used the iwi installer however, I have found that my problem lies in the fact that OSx is unable to see my PCI card slot at this time to access the wifi card. So I think this hardware failure has to do with me switching to the MB Bios (I believe this to be the case as I am unable to access the About This Mac and sleep has stopped working all together so this is why I think I screwed up with the wrong BIOS), I will reinstall tommorrow and try a different BIOS.

Marvell Yukon 88E8039 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller

Kalyway shows a driver installed, but I do not have any way to test this at this time, and I will be away from my house till thursday.

BIOS and Power Management- Right now I am running as a Mac Pro, but my power manager is working

I just installed the power manager in my Kalyway installer

I tried a soft reinstall (did not wipe the HDD) and the "About this Mac" dialogue will not come up with the MB bios.

Also sleep does not work, unfortunately I did not test this on the Mac Pro BIOS to see if this is a symptom or a recurring theme.

Touchpad - Alps Pointing-device for VAIO

I've got double finger scroll and tap click working as well as the trackpad with directions on this forum, but I am making a website/ftp on free webs so that you guys can everything in one place.

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I've been trying to install from Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Vaio NR21 Z/S but with no luck (the plan is to install onto a USB hard drive so that when thats plugged in it boots from that rather than Vista on the internal hard drive).


The 10.5.2 DVD I burned stops with a system configuration file '<long-path-and-filename>.plist' not found message, shows the boot: prompt and I the process won't go any further.


Just wondered if you got this error at all or if you had to change any BIOS settings?

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