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Weirdness in Disk performance

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I'm having troubles with a machine built as a media fileserver. It appears that the connections (afp & smb) fail after some time. Unmounting and re-mounting the remote file system fixes it until the next time. At first (and still testing) I thought it was LAN drivers. I've run the gamut of LAN driver options with no improvement. I've also applied the IOATAFamily.kext drivers, removing the AppleVIAATA.kext


I've configured a 1TB (2-500's) in a RAID 0 striped arrangement. I noticed a weird thing regarding disk performance as seen by Activity Monitor. When transferring a large file from the single volume boot disk to the RAID set, all seems proper. When I transfer the same file from the RAID set to the boot disk, it appears that the disk reads are delayed from the disk writes. The system is writing before it has the data. Not true, of course, but the monitor clearly shows a discrepancy. I'm wondering if this quirk is related to my fileserver problem.


See the screen grabs attached.





Anyone have any insight?


Intel D945GCNL motherboard (4 SATA)

E4600 Atherton 2.4Ghz cpu

2GB memory

2-WD 500GB in RAID 0

1-Samsung 200GB as boot

Kalyway 10.5.2 -> 10.5.3

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