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Kernel Panics in iATKOS


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I decided to install iATKOS 2.0i after having problems with boot132 (old drive ide drive I was experimenting with wouldn't show up). I went from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3, hit some problems after the update, which I fixed, I then updated to 10.5.4. The new kernel booted fine and worked the first time, then i rebooted after installing something and the kernel stopped working, so I rolled back to the vanilla 9.3 kernel that came with the kalyway update.


So here's my problem. Every few hours or so i get a kernel panic, I don't get the kernel panic overlay, the computer just freezes, completely. I reboot, check the logs, and there's nothing suspicious looking in system.log.


I'm running a gigabyte ep35-ds3l with a q6600 with 4 gigs of corsair 800mhz (2x2) along with a geforce 8600gt with 512 mb, wifi is a linksys wusb54gc (ralink), drives are sata (dvd drive and hard drive). Audio is onboard 888.


I've not really installed much since installing today, and as best as I can remember, this is how i got here:


iATKOS 2.0i install bringing me to 10.5.2, I then got audio working via the HDApatcher, then tackled Wifi by grabbing the ralink drivers from the kalyway 10.5.2 dvd. at this point i had video working with qe/ci, audio working, and wifi working. I then updated to 10.5.3 with the kalyway patch, then did the kernel patch, afterwards the system wouldn't boot due to the well documented problems with the apple ahci and itunesphone stuff etc, I replaced the 4 kexts, rebooted, golden. I then installed 10.5.4, rebooted, no problems, rebooted after removing the extensions mkext (wifi kexts weren't loading automatically), afterwards the box wouldn't boot; rebooted as soon as i went to boot leopard from the darwin bootloader, so I rolled the kernel back to the 9.3 kernel, which is where I am now. had problems with my ipod working, reformatted it, didn't help, so I grabbed the iPod support from the retail 10.5 dvd and installed that, ipod works. System works flawlessly til it freezes. The last freeze was while trying to install some software, all system.log said was stuff about drive underruns.


Other various software I've installed is as follows: Colloquy, Rivet (xbox360 sharing), firefox, wacom drivers (for my tablet), transmission, pacifist, toast, and paragon (used to write to ntfs partitions).


iATKOS was installed onto a 100gig hfs+ partition formatted with MBR scheme, it's disk0s3, disk0s2 being ntfs (vista boot) and disk0s1 being ntfs (storage). When i get the panics the only things plugged up are my wifi adapter (linksys wusb54gc), sometimes my ipod, my keyboard and tablet.


Sorry if I'm a bit redundant, but I wanted to list everything that could be the confound in my install.


Oh, I also removed NVinject going from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 and installed NVkush to get back qe/ci

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