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Realtek RTL8187


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I can't get my Realtek 8187 wireless card working, I've tried both driver installs from the Realtek site, but they both get near the end of the process and I get an "Install Failed, unknown error"


This is the card that comes onboard my ASUS P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi.

I'm running the iATKOS v2.0i install.


Any help, I'm a super nOOb so try not to make any assumptions, Thanks.

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- Disable both LAN ports -


#1 Go into your BIOS and disable both Lan ports and leave the RTL8187L port active.

When you boot into OS X there will only be 1 port available will be seen as EN 0 or EN1, I can not remember. Boot into OS X and reinstall.


#2 If #1 does not work, reset the bios to default then disable both lan ports again. Boot into OS X and reinstall.


#3 Prevent your system from sleeping.

When OS X goes into a Snooze or deep Sleep it will eject the RTL8187L because it is seen as a removable USB drive, go figure why,

and when it wakes up it will not remount the RTL8187L du to an bad eject bug.

You can still put your displays to sleep.


I have the Asus P5K Premium WiFi/AP with working RTL8187L.

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