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I´d like to install a version of OS X on my notebook, but I don´t know which and how. I´m a musician and

not so into computers but I preform live with notebook and instruments and my win xp allways crashs

down. So I had the idea to switch to OS X....


I have read much tutorials and threads in this forum, but I´m not very smarter now...


My Questions are:


Can I install OS X on this notebook? :


Acer Aspire 5710z

Intel Dual Core T2130

SATA Hardrive

2 GB Ram

Mobile Intel 945PM Express

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300

Realtek Soundcart

802.11b/g, Wireless LAN, Gigabit Ethernet

I also use a M-Audio Interface


Is this a good idea to install?


Leopard GM 9a581 for Intel PCs (SSE3 ONLY)


And is it possible to have Win XP and OS X on this notebook? And if it´s so, what do I need to make this work?



I hope sombody can help me with this, that would be very nice!


Greets, kear

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You seems to be Leo compatible but you'll need to patch at least the graphic driver.

You can have xp and osx in paralel, you just need to create another primary partition (min 10GB) for Leo (use paragon part manager - make it fat32 first then change part id manually to 0xAF). Then when you boot form osx dvd open disk utility and do "erase" on that partition and then install and should work. If you succeed, there are many tutorials for dual booting (chain0 method is the best for xp/leo).

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Hi Kytzu,


thanks for your answer! Is a primary partition a special one that I can only create with Paragon or can I

use the normal way with my XP CD? Just make a norma fat32 partition with it and install in the other on XP?


Also, do I need to Install OS X first? I know from Linux that when I want to have Linux and XP on my Computer,

that I have to install Linux first...


And where do I get the patch for the graphic drivers?


Greetz, kear

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it's not a special partition but paragon only can change partition ID to 0xaf. you can try to make a normal one and then erase it as JFS form osx disk utility but like that is not working all the time but you can try.


here doesn't matter the order, osx will instal the darwin loader on his own partition only so if you install xp later, xp partition will become active and will boot to xp straight. then you can make again active osx partition to go back to darwin bloader or keep xp active and use chain0 method.

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