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Creating Kalyway ISO bootable dvd, won't boot?

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Pardon my stupidity, but I need a little help.


I download Kalyway 10.5.1 iso. Saved to my desktop. XP unzip could not open it, but Winrar did. So I extracted entire folder to new folder on desktop. I've tried 3 different ways not to create a bootable Kalyway DVD, but none work thus far. Here's a list of what I've done so far...


Opened Nero, choose create ISO "cd", dragged over the 2 folder from the download (Mac & Kalyway) to Nero burn list, Nero shows error, "too large for ISO, use UDF to create DVD". So I choose UDF with DVD. Burn it, but it won't boot.


Opened Nero, choose create UDF DVD, dragged over the Kalyway iso file to Nero burn list, burned, but still not bootable.


What the heck am I missing? Do I need to tell Nero to make this DVD bootable? Am I dragging over the wrong files?


Please help, these issues are getting old. Thanks!!!

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