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Resolution Woes


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I've recently successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my new computer. Pretty much everything when smoothly except for a few things.


One of these issues is with my monitor resolution. After I used NVinject Installer v.52 the monitor works great. It's a 22" widescreen with 1680x1050@60Hz max resolution. The problem I'm having is that if I try to change the resolution at all, the screen goes black and I have to reboot. If I do it the system preferences, then I have to boot into safe mode and then reinstall NVinject for it to boot normally again. This normally wouldn't be a problem because I think the resolution looks great at 1680x1050 but when I try to run games(really only Warcraft 3 and x-moto) they tend to want to boot into full-screen mode and change my resolution to some other setting, which in turn makes my monitor turn black, forcing me to restart. This isn't a huge problem for me, but I would greatly appreciate a fix for this. The video card is 8800GT and GA-EP35-DS3R mobo. I searched around a bit and couldn't find anything shedding light on this.


Thanks a lot.


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