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Noob with a tx2000 series tablet pc


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Hi guys,


Don't mean to be screwing up the zen going on here, but I'd love to get Mac OS X 10.5.3 (if possible) to work on my hp tx2110ca laptop (yep, im from Canada).


If someone can tell me outright if this is at all possible, that'd be great.


Keep in mind I'd really like to get most all of the features working on the laptop, as I wouldn't mind using it as my main OS.


If anyone has this laptop and has any experience on what needs to be done, please give some suggestions.


Oh, also, my ideal situation would be a dual boot between Vista and OS X. I currently have one partition with ~80 gigs of pure space to spare (that's with extra allotted for the windows partition).


Anyhow, don't want to ramble on here, but basically: where do I start?

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