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minimum set of removed / replaced kexts for vanilla install?


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hi everyone.


i'm running a badaxe2 with an ati 2600 HD; retail vanilla + efi v.8. 10.5.1 worked great for me, in 10.5.2 i lost reliable audio (it would sometimes die after sleep/wake, so i just got a USB audio adapter) and in 10.5.3 after some fits and starts with QE/CI and sata no longer working in AHCI mode, i got everything working again. except... i noticed that my display won't sleep anymore, and occasionally OSX seems to forget how to lock the screen (meaning it stops asking for a password after screensaver, though i had this problem on 10.5.2 before).


i think a stock copy of AppleSMBIOS.kext may have snuck in from the 10.5.3 install. this has made me wonder, just how many kexts need to be replaced on a vanilla install? obviously there are some device-specific kexts that need to be replaced based on the motherboard in question, but what is the minimum set?


from reading other posts, i have the following list:


1) dsmos absolutely must be installed (duh)

2) AppleSMBIOS must be replaced (but why? is it only cosmetic stuff (like about this mac) or could it be responsible for my display not sleeping? also, i understand some adobe apps need a hacked version of this or they won't run)

3) AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement must be removed (or kernel panics; alternatively IntelCPUPowerManagementDisabler must be installed)

4) some people recommend removing AppleEFIRuntime (or else kernel panics, except that on my badaxe2 it seems to be okay leaving this one in)

5) IONetworkingFamily must be replaced, to make time machine work.


does this list sound right as a minimum common set of kexts that have to be changed for a vanilla install? or did i miss something?


so - would AppleSMBIOS be responsible for my display no longer sleeping? another weird thing i noticed is that the USB ports on my display (apple cinema display) are no longer powered up while the machine is sleeping, though the motherboard ports are powered up during sleep. i suppose this could be due to the kexts i replaced below...


as far as the badaxe2 motherboard running vanilla 10.5.3, one needs to replace IOUSBFamily, IOATAFamily, IOAHCIFamily and AppleAHCIPort to get the sata ports working in AHCI mode. and i guess you need a patched audio kext.


thanks for any help.

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