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Using airport extreme to expand network

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I don't know much about mac's, but I know that you can use an airport express to extend the network, but am I able to use an airport extreme to extend the network? If I can, can I plug devices into the Ethernet jacks to give them internet?

Here is an example:


Cable Modem -> #1 Airport Extreme


.. somewhere else in the house

#2 Airport Extreme [Extending the internet range + connecting the Xbox + Tivo to it for internet]


p.s. I have 1 extreme already, and I know that it gets great range... but our walls are so thick it doesn't make it through the entire house.



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No, I just meant unappealing to the eyes. :(


Essentially, you will use an Airport Express (you don't necessarily need an Airport Extreme) as a bridge and you will plug a 4-port switch into the ethernet port on the Airport Express. Plug your Tivo and Xbox into the switch.



Cable Modem > Airport Extreme >>>>wireless>>>> Airport Express > 4-port switch > Tivo/Xbox


Cable Modem > Airport Extreme >>>>wireless>>>> Airport Extreme > Tivo/Xbox

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