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black screen after display sleep


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hi guys,


i'm running kalyway 10.5.3 on my laptop and everything except of hibernation and display sleep work so far. whats disturbing most is missing display sleep. normal sleep mode is working fine.

when i put my display to sleep it gets turned of correctly but when i move the mouse it stays black. the display backlight is turned on but the graphics card is not initialized correctly in some ways.

did anyone experienced these problems and has a solution for that?



- nvidia xxxx go

- dual core

- 10.5.3

- nvinject (tried efi string, but same problem here)

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Exactly the same thing here. Tried all sorts of NV....-kexts, NVInstaller, ACPI kexts, PCI kexts ..


I have an external connected to my DVI, that wakes from monitor-sleep.


I have wake from "full-sleep" with kernels compiled for sleep (9.2.0 Netkas or 9.3 indi) with also the internal LCD waking up with no problem. It is just the monitor sleep from which the LCD does not revive.


BTW, a very quick method to test display sleep and wake-up is Sleep Display ;)


EDIT: there is a workaround which will bring the screen back:

- push the power button. This will pop-up the energy-chooser, if you see it or not

- press the s kex on the keyboard - this will put the machine to sleep (only if booted from sleep kernel). Wait for your machine to fully sleep

- push the power button again to wake the machine.


Display should be back now :) at least here it is.


Some people in the Mac forums had the same prob after 10.5.2 and/or the grafics update - they reverted to older Leo grafics kexts. However, trying my old 10.5.1 kext backup didn't bring about any improvement.


So the question is: what in the routines for waking-up-from-full-sleep is it that successfully triggers the internal LCD to wake up? And can we put it into a lil script which (either bash or apple script) which we can click&run ??

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