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Installation does not start


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Guys, need much help from you, now I am getting discouraged.


First of all, my setup is:

Main board: Intel D865PERL

Processor: Pentium 4 2.4GHz (Instruction SSE2)

Memory: DDR 1256 MB

Video card: GeForce4 MX 440 SE

HD SATA Maxtor 160GB


The first version that I downloaded was the uphuck 10.4.9.

I've recorded this version in a DVD-RW

I installed normally, but after the startup screen appeared a message sending restart the system and nothing happened.

Installed several times trying different configurations, but nothing has changed.

Then I downloaded to upgrade the bios and updated the bios.

I did again the entire installation process, but nothing has changed. Each "resettlement" I did I used the option to delete the partition again that I was using, through the utility of the disk installer.

After that the downloaded version Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.

I formatted my DVD-RW and save the image of the same DVD version.

But when I went to boot in this version, it appeared those first lines, but it's time to change screen, where the letters are a little different (think entering graphical mode) the pc simply resets itself.

Nothing also, or putting the options "-v-s-x", raised with each one and with all these options, but the only thing that changed was that appeared more texts before restarting.

Then I downloaded the version Leo4allV3, formatted my DVD-RW again and save that image in it. In the boot still happening exactly what happened with the previous version: after the initial lines of text, where would the screen to another pc restarts.

Apparently this is not the images of the system, because not encountered anyone who reportasse this problem.


The point is that I have a bad connection, and not One would be looking for dozens of versions that is out there, is very expensive, slow and disappointing to me.


Please, I need help from you.

Anyone who knows me or help der an explanation of what is happening be very grateful!

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