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Why this Kernel Panic?


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I have installed Kalyway MacOSX 10.5.1 with these options:

Video drivers: Natit_GFNVIDIA

Bootloader EFI: Boot_efi_guid

Vanilla Kernel ACPIPLATFORM: Vanilla ACPI Fix AND Vanilla Kernel

Souindcard Drivers: HAD_ALC883 (DS3)



and then I upgraded to 10.5.2



all is good even if there’s some delay in waking up and the power is not totally off when I shut down (I always have to press and hold the power button to have a complete shutdown).


The problem comes when I have huge data transfers. After a pair of minutes the PC hangs showing a kernel panic (“You must restart.. etc etc”) No more problems... only when I have to mount large dmg or do big installations (the HD works a lot) it's easy i have that failure!!




Some suggestions? thanks!!

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