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Problems booting Debian on an external USB disk on a MacBook


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I am trying to install Debian Lenny on my MacBook, by way of an external USB hard disk and Refit. I have followed the instructions given in http://ghaint.no-ip.org/~k2/debian/mbp-usb.html and succeeded in booting from the i386 net-install for Lenny Beta 2, created partitions and installed the system. 



The problem is that I am unable to boot into the Linux system afterwards.



At the Refit prompt, I do get three OS icons (Mac OS, Windows and Linux). I have Mac OS and Windows installed on the internal harddisk, these boot fine (both from the firmware menu and the Refit menu).



The problem is that when I try to boot from the external disk, chosing the Linux icon, it boots into Windows anyway. 



Does anyone have an idea on what I might be doing wrong?

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