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Okay so I am turning a partition of my new Sony VAIO (VGN-NR385E) into what I am calling my Hackbook pro, but I am an OSx86 noob and have no idea which of the "customize" options I should install. I already have to customize to make my intel graphics work so might as well get my install corect.


Here are some specs:

Intel Centrino Duo Processor T5550 (1.83Ghz)

2Gb ram

Some Intel Graphics Card (see below to see what I mean)

Realtec 94 Audio

Dual Layer DVD



I am installing using a Kalyway DVD 10.5.2



Kernel: Okay so I want to be able to sleep (walking between classes alot), but I would rather not have to combo update (unless you guys can point out an absolutly mindless way to do this). What kernel should I use?


Graphics: This is the big question! Okay so all the websites, included Sony say that I have a x3100 graphics card, yet Vista's Hardware Panel says that I am using a Intel 950 graphics chipset. What driver (if any should I pick out)


Laptop Function: Some laptop posts have said to install multiple patches so which should I use (I know at least to use the Power Management Patch). Also other threads have said to install a different BIOS from the standard, is this a good idea?

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