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What's the status of joining ad-hoc network in iwidarwin 2200 on 10.5.1


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I have gone crazy reading the countless threads of hundreds of pages each, so please if someone knows a definitive answer:


Can I connect to ad-hoc wifi networks using intel pro 2200 wireless card (iwi2200 driver) on leopard 10.5.1 ?

I installed the driver (rev 1195) fine and it seems to work, says it's associated to the ad-hoc cell, but never gets any IP address.

Setting IP manually doesn't work either. The same hardware/network/location works fine in linux.

I have control over the network so I can set it to either WEP or unsecure (tried both, neither works).

But I cannot make it a managed (access point) network.


Anyone know if I am wasting my time?



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