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Creating a Time Machine partition = Leopard partition can't boot.


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So right now, I have a Leopard partition of 40 GB and a 40 GB unallocated partition; I attempted to formatted the unallocated partition into FAT32 and then reformat it again using Time Machine and made it the back-up disk, everything seems smooth, but ...


After I reboot and use chain0 from Vista bootloader, it gives me an error that "boot.plist" cannot be found.


Since chain0 looks for a HFS+ partition, I am assuming that it found the Time Machine partition and attempt to boot it, which of course isn't bootable. Grub (on my MBR) also seems to fail to boot my Leopard partition (which, I am pretty sure, IS on hd(0,1)) so I was forced to reformat my Time Machine partition using Mac Drive on Vista, and as expected, chain0 successfully booted my Leopard partition.


Thing is, is there anyway to get Time Machine to work without using an external HDD? I am on an AMD PC and so any sort of update (Like 10.5.3 which pretty much killed 1/2 of my kext, forcing to do a reinstall) is dangerous, and so I want Time Machine to backup my System so I can restore any previous setting instead of a complete reinstall.

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