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Calling ALL Experts -- Want Leopard Server (OSx86) on HP DL360 G4


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I searched the forums and then ran a Google search before posting this.


So Psystar is now selling Xserve clones... but I don't feel like paying them for something the OSx86 community has been working on for years. No reason they should cash in on other's hard work.


I recently acquired 2 working HP Proliant DL360 G4. They are awesome machines but have just been sitting in my rack in my garage. It didn't dawn on me that I could possibly run OS X Server on them.


Does anyone have any experience with this? Each server has two Dual-Core 3.2 GHz Xeon processors, 12GB of RAM, a pair of 72GB SCSI drives (currently RAID-1 config), and dual 10/100/1000 NICs that can be Teamed.


I am willing to work with anyone on this that has some experience to get a DVD much like the others floating around for Leopard Server installs.


If anyone has already done this, and you can assist me, I will give you a Legit ADC Select Developer Seed (your own personal login) as a token of my appreciation.



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