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Installing Kalyway 1.5.1 Help


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I am attempting to install Kalyway 1.5.1 onto my PC. I follow all the instructions, and have tried running the installer in -vanila and -v. Either way, it loads the screen that says Darwin/x86 with the spinning thing as it loads the data. Once all of that is loaded (which takes a few minutes, and I can see the DVD is actually loading data), then the screen flashes into the gray apple screen for about half of a second. After that, the computer immediately reboots, starting the whole process over again.


Here are the specs of my computer:

3 Ghz Core 2 Extreme (Quad-core)

4 GB Memory

nVidia 8800 GTX Graphics card

Sound Blaster X-FI Sound Card

nForce mother board


I think it may be the motherboard simply because iAtkos specifically says it supports nForce, which leads be to believe that maybe Kalyway doesn't.


Does anyone know a solution? Thanks!

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