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Building a macbook clone

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Hi Insanelymac Members,


For months (years) I knew the installation of OSX was possible on PC's but thought of it as a hard and long process. I've been recently looking into buying a cheap laptop(eee pc or msi wind)but unfortunately they are not available (wind) or have an updated model coming up(ee pc 901). The problem is i leave in a week on holidays and my budget is tight(500 to 750 bucks)but i don't want an old computer ready to be sold after the summer. I recall that mac's(with osx)are very stable and endure time althought theyre too expensive for me. My idea was to have a clone of the macbook ( not estheticly but hardware wise) and i went on looking at the macbook's tech specs and have done a list divided in two parts(barebone and the other componens) that totals for the first part 500euros and the second part 369 US$.

This is still too costy because of the euro price and i have to find the barebone in the UD to be able to get a 750-800US$ machine.

Most of my question is with the list of compon,ents and the barebone will the laptop work as a macbook(at least few details close),without too much tweaking (it is almost the same hardware)

The list:

-barebone: asustek S3 7E(SSR),13"3 inches wide,1280*800,bluetooth,wifi draft N 300mbit/s,webcam 2megapixel,firewire,ethernet10/100/1000,video chipset Intel GM965(wich following tjhis link http://www.intel.com/products/chipsets/Gm965/index.htm includes the same X3100 video chipset as the macbook),1 entrée mini jack microphone - 1 sortie mini jack headset - Intel High Definition Audio Azalia,4 in 1 SD/MMC/MemoryStick/MemoryStick Pro, DVD Super Multi Drive


-components:Intel core 2 duo T8300 2.4Ghz Socket P 35 W;GSKill 2Gb(2*1) So-DIMM DDR2 667;Toshiba 250Gb 5400rpm SATA 1.5GB/s notebook harddrive.


Well that was the list and it does look similar to the macbooks requirement,all i need is to know if leopard will work with full hardware support (if not what won't work and how to repair it), if i can get the barebone in the U.S,and if the barebone has intelGM965 or X3100.


Thanks to those who help and to those that have made my dream come true:The OSx86 team.

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