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Can I use a HD from my Macbook for my Hackintosh?


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Hi there!


Sorry for this sort of dumb question... Is it possible to use a 2.5" HD with a vanilla MacOSX 10.5.3 installation as a foundation for my Hackintosh? I have recently upgraded the Macbook's HD to a larger one and I still have the old HD including all data. Would it be possible to put it into an external case and connect it to my PC to boot from it?


The background for this question is that I tried to install from the Kalyway DVD but that did not work well. It took ages until I finally got the system to boot from the DVD using AHCI chipset SATA interface and "rd=disk0" at the boot prompt.


But then I went a little bit too quick and made a couple of mistakes during the installation. I chose a volume name that included spaces, I did not customize the installation and did not change to MBR (which made my Windoze installation unbootable).


The result was an installation that I could only boot when I entered "rd=disk0" at the boot prompt when the DVD was in the drive. I am bit surprised that it is bootable at all, actually, since it must be a vanilla installation, right?


Anyway - now I can't get it to boot into the MacOSX installation no matter what settings I choose. But now I can only boot to the un-customized MacOSX installation from the DVD and I am trying to find a way to work around this problem. My idea was to start from scratch and erase the vanilla installation and/or start with the old Macbook HD as a foundation.


Any help is much appreciated! Hope this is not too confusing.


Here are the specs of my system:

Gigabyte EP-P35-DS3R


8800 GT

2x 2048MB DDR2 RAM

750GB SATA HD (-> MacOSX) (1st SATA port)

200GB SATA HD (Windoze) (2nd SATA port)

Pioneer DVD-RW (SATA) (4th SATA port? not sure, need to check)

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