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Retail Leo 10.5.3 works on P4 CPU and Asus P4 P800se mobo


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I'm typing this on my oldtime Asus mobo P4 cpu running retail Leo 10.5.1!


Check it out and go get yourself a real retail copy and go for it. I managed to get it working on this old crappy gear so I guess it'll work on any newer as long as you check around here a bit to make sure you're on the right track. Next step for me is to make it work on my GA P35 DS3R mobo, Q6600 quadcore CPU, 8 gig memory. Probably no problemes at all.


Next stop for me is to check out if it's possible to smoothly make the updates aiming for the 10.5.3 before I start working on my Quadcore.


Anyway good luck guys

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