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well after lurking here and macrumors for quite a while I finally decided to get me a macbook pro for my audio work. Picked up a 17" 2.6 7200 200G 4G mem HD matte screen a few day ago at the apple store.


heh the specialist asked me if I had a mac and I said 'kinda' and told him about the hackintoshs I had built, he thought it was funny :)


it's hard for me to even talk about how good this machine is without sounding like an apple fanboy, but well yeah.. it's insane.


thanks to insanelymac and the old osx86project crew for all your hard work over the years, I spent many many an hour here hovering over x86 macs in various states of order/disorder and it really went a long way towards revitalizing the interest in computers that windows had more or less killed.




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