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Trackpad on Macbook doesn't work anymore - but its MORE COMPLICATED than you would think. Help!?


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Here's the deal:

Its a macbook with panther installed.

I'm trying to fix up my computer which has a number of problems. My trackpad and mouse (i suppose they are sort of the same thing...but anyways) stopped working a few months ago. I was thinking that it was just a mechanical thing with the mouse...or maybe that I had treated my laptop not very nicely, and there were probably lots of little crumbs and things lodged under the mouse.

HOWEVER, I also recently discovered that I can't even use an external mouse that plugs into my USB. I've tried two, both of them have the same malfunction as the built-in mouse/trackpad.

The thing that goes wrong is:

From the time I boot up, my mouse acts as if it is constantly clicked, so whenever I move my mouse across the screen, it drags everything that it comes in contact with. This makes it barely usable and there's only so much I know how to do from the terminal.

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what could be causing this?

By the way, I've come across a computer that is in better shape since, so I'm willing to take risks in fixing this myself since I will have another to fall back on in case there's no hope for my old one. I would like to see if I can fix this problem and run a linux os on my old one.

Thanks for your help! (in advance)

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