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Post-Leopard Install Boot-up - Wierdest Thing Ever. [HELP ME]


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Ok well after installing leopard it shows up with the Apple booting screen with the twirly circle.

After about 5 minutes it switches to a BLUE screen.

After about another 5 minutes it starts playing the Apple theme song for Mac OS X

But I still can't see anything except a blue screen.

So confirmed audio is working and video until after the Mac boot screen.


Can anyone help me?


My system is as follows:



INTEL 945GM Video integrated

Intel Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.87GHz

1GB Ram

Realtek audio

Synaptics Pad


Installed Mac with Kalyway 10.5.2 installer - sleepkernel - all defaults


Please, any help is greatly appreciated :D


Edit Second-time:

The last picture was really blury so I added this one (it shows what's going on in -v mode)



Edit Third-time:

After logging in the music plays, and the mac guy voice starts talking about voice-over, he tells me to enable voice-over with command-F5, I enable it with ALT-F5 and then a girl starts talking and telling me what's in a window with the Mac OS X Leopard setup window.


It's probably my display/video card, how can I fix it?

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