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Stuck in XP install! HELP!


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It looks like the whole question is boiling down to can I dual boot with Win 98 first and then upgrade to XP? At this point I think the answer to that is no. But I will search a bit more.


What is the best version of XP for bootcamp? Any version that comes with service pack 2



Here is the blow by blow if you have the time but I meat is all at the top of the post.


So I got a MacBook Pro and I was excited to dust off the old XP disk I had from my old Laptop I upgraded from Win 98, and now I am stuck with the XP disk in the Mac with now way to complete the install or stop the install. (out side of just stutting the whole thing off and seeing what happens)


These are the steps I have taken

1 Started Boot Camp

2 Insured my XP Disk

3 The XP install informed me that it is an Upgrade disk and I will need my Win 98 disk to be put into the computer before I could continue.

4 I could not find a way to eject the XP disk so picked the quit without installing option.

5 the computer thinks a bit and then returns to the same menu. My options are

Set up Windows XP Now

-Repair a Windows XP

-Quit Setup without installing Windows XP

or shut down the computer and hope for the best.


Any ideas?

I am hoping for a quick response. If I don't hear from anyone soon I will shut down the MacBookPro and see if I can start over again first with the Win 98 disk.


So I just did a search looking for a hardware way to eject the disk, and I could not find anything. So I am shutting it down now. Ok cross your fingers for me!


6 restarting the MacBookPro it goes right back into the Window XP installer and back the the same menu of

-Set up Windows XP Now

-Repair a Windows XP

-Quit Setup without installing Windows XP


7 restarting while holding down the eject button ejected the disk!


8 back to boot camp and I will give the Win 98 disk a shot.

9 it very quickly gives the options boot from Hard Disk or CD Rom if I don't quickly pich CD Rom the screen goes blank with this _ blinking in the upper left hand corner.


10 I get to a menu that gives these options

-Set up Windows now Press Enter (but the enter button is not doing anything)

-Learn more about the Set Up F1

-Quit Setup without installing Windows F3

(in fact non of the keys are responding)


Why is this reminding me why I went to Mac in the first place!?!?


11 Ok, I went and got XP with Service Pack 2 for $187.99 and so far the install in running great.




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