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CPUS=1 Flag and Core Duo Issues


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I appologize if this has been addressed already, but an hour or so of searching has left me empty, so I'll (re) pose the question.


I've had my hp compaq nc6320 running with Kalyway 10.5.2, the vanilla 9.2 kernel, and a few patched drivers... most things seem to run really well, but I tried using the 10.5.3 update and messed some things up badly, so I'm getting ready to reinstall. Last time around, I had to use the "boot with cpus=1" flag to get the thing to go past the apple screen. "About this mac" lists it as having 0 processors and 1 core. I'm fairly certain, based on it's performance, that I can't access both cores. Here's where the confusion comes in:


I've seen posts around where people are bragging about having both cores running on a duo, and I've also seen where some folks have suggested that, even though the cpus=1 tag is used, both cores are actually engaged.


Part 1 of my actual question: Could someone please set me straight on exactly what the cpus=1 tag does, why I can't boot without it, and how I can gain access to both of my processing cores. (it's used primarily for audio and web design, so I need the extra power).


Part 2: I've also noticed I get next to no battery life, and the thing seems to be running at full-bore ALL the time. Is there a means by which I can regain some of that battery life and get this thing to speed step the way it should?


Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for your help.




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