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Does anyone have any experience with these motherboards?

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I am looking at these three motherboards:


MSI X48C PLatinum








Foxconn X38A




I have been trying to find out if any of these motherboards are compatible with any of the OSX distros' but I cannot find any specific information about these. I've read that the X38 and X48 are very similiar. They both have the Intel ICH9R that are compatable, I believe, with Leopard. I think I've read somewhere that someone gotten OSX to install successfully on the ASUS 750i... Can anyone confirm any of these motherboards work? Which one has the most support? Any advice would be much appreciated...


EDIT 1: Found that the ASUS P5N-D works great with Kalyway and Leo4all but people are having trouble with their 8 series graphics cards.... I have a Saphire 1900 XTX, is it compatible? I going to try to find the answer myself.


EDIT 2: It seems that saphire 1900 XT has a working driver out but I have the Saphire 1900 XTX. Will this driver work for my card? I know it's probably a silly question with the cards being very similar.

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