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ALC880D Onboard Audio Wont Work


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Hi All,

Basically im new here lol :ninja:


so i decided i wanted to get a mac (a totally out of the blue decision lol) but i never had much experience with them, so i head of this OSX86, and decided i would play around a bit to see whether i like it or not. So far so good, the only issue i have is my audio does not work. Here is my PC Specs:


Motherboard: Intel D915GUX

CPU: Pentium 4 3.40GHz


HDD: 160GB (2 Partitions, Windows is roughly 104GB and mac partition is about 40GB)

Optical: DVD-RW Drive (IDE)


The audio device is on-board and i would like to be able to use it. i have tried many of the .Kext files available all over the net but no luck there.


Any help appreciated


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