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8600M GT 256Mb on ASUS G2S - VGA OUT dont work ?


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Hello Fellas....


I want to know if someone can do a GeForce 8600M GT 256Mb (Laptop ASUS G2S 17´1440x900)

work with the MIRROR option. I can do work with EXTENDED mode...But the MIRROR don´t work.


When i put in MIRROR mode... my laptop LCD panel become BLACK , but i can see the mouse pointer on it only !

On the external VGA OUT it´s ok ! (The mouse pointer works on both displays. But the LCD become black..)




- Leo4ALLv3 10.5.2

- NVinstaller v.41 (i followed this instructions below)

1.download and install PlistEditPro from here


2.Find the NVinject.kext on SYSTEM/LIBRARY/EXTENSIONS , Right click, show package content.


3.then with PlistEditPro modify the Info.plist in NVinject.kext (the value to edit is in IOKitPersonalities -> NVinject -> entriesToAdd -> NVCAP) changing the NVCAP value with this value of a 15" MacBook Pro 8600M GT 256Mb:



4.save, repair permission (you can do that with DISK UTILITY on Applications/Utilities) and reboot with -v -f options



Anybody can give a hint ?

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When you installed nvinstaller v.41 Did you install the NVinject option for laptops ('M' or 'go' nVidia chipsets) ? I cant get vga out working still.
Yeah...i stick Mobile...

But you have to edit the value for NVCAP (see my first post). I tried many numbers...but with NO success

See here for more info:



You tried the new NVinstaller v.52 with it yet?
No...i´m not tried the v.52 (and v.51) because i think it´s only for Leopard 10.5.3...http://scottdangel.com/blog/?page_id=20


Or i´m wrong ? can i try v.52 on 10.5.2 ?????

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