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The perfect system...

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There isn't one obviously but I need some help on deciding what hardware would be best.. Not just the mobo, but firewire, dvi etc..


Currently, I'm planning to buy the following:


Intel D915GAVL Mainboard

Intel P4 L775 3,6GHz

1Gb DDR PC3200 Corsair Memory


And now for the fun part:

I need some sort of UltraATA 133 Controller since I have no SATA (and 4 PATA's)

Do I need one from Siig? Since the MAC's use sigg's as well?


Siig FireWire 2-Port PCIe Controller (1394A) Any clue which one will be supported?

PCI Express x 1


Intel Advanced Digital Display 2 ADD2 for PCI Express x 16 for Intel 915G (ADD-7307-DVI-N)


To make this more general?

If u decide to buy the mainboard that lies closest to the developers board, which supported addon cards for Firewire and DVI would be best?


Curious to know! Can't wait to get it going...


Oh I almost forgot... Does the GAVL mainboard onboard LAN work? Since it is gigabit Lan...



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