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only usb ports active at startup can be used for usb 2.0 devices


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I've installed osx from zephyroth's 10.5.1 dvd and I've found a strange thing: if I plug in my maxtor removable drive on an unused usb port, nothing happens. However, if I unplug my usb keyboard, and plug the drive in the port that the keyboard was using, then osx detects the drive and displays it on the desktop. So, I can access my removable drive, but it's REALLY annoying! Is there any fix for this?


I note that in the startup seqence usbechi has issues (can't remember the exact words, something about 100ms), but ochi doesn't.


I'm running an nforce 630a motherboard (J&W n68pv) with 2GB ram, amb x2 4400, 40G seagate ide hard drive, 500G Western digital sata 2 hard drive. OSX is installed on the 40G drive.

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