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Internet/LAN is slow.


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hi everyone,


I've just managed to install the Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 AMD release. So far everything is fine besides the internet.

It works, but its slow(by "slow" i mean website pages/content loads slow). At times it shoots up and its fine. Pages load quick as they should do but then give it a couple seconds and im back at the low end...


Its not my internet/isp thats at fault. I've got 2 other machines(win and linux) and the internet/lan on both is always quick/responsive. So it has to be the "MAC"!!!

I've tried both the Half-duplex and Full-duplex settings under System Pref>Network>Ethernet.

The MTU is fine. The speed setting im using is: 100baseTX. Im not using 10Mbps! just to make sure. And 1000.......... uuu..... i wish....


Also i've configured the LAN manually, no DHCP.


The only thing that pops to my head is maybe its the update? I havent updated to 10.5.3, should i?

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