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I think my Hac is Kaput

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I've wiped and installed Leopard 3 times now, and every install has the same problem: After the computer runs for about 45 mins the whole system locks up with the spinning wheel of death becoming completely unresponsive. No force quit, no terminal - you have to restart from the power switch.


The problem began when I restarted the poor little bugger after it had been on for 72 days straight (it's my house's file server you see).


Three clean installs later and it's still the same, lasts maybe an hour at most, then it will need to be restarted. It could just be a Leopard problem (I have been using Leo4Allv3, before the iAtkos), as I haven't tried it on win xp or tiger yet - will do today.


I have run Techtool pro, done all the hard drive and system diagnostics - and it passed them all, strangely. I'd like to run a suite of diagnostics on windows, but im not sure of a good package?


It could be the hard drive - I have had similar problems with this machine and bad blocks, although not quite like this - normally with bad blocks the system would freeze for a minute or so, then get back on track. This seems to be pretty permanent - and it did pass the techtool pro surface scan.


The system is an old (April 2006) d945gntlkr + Pentium D 920 I put together a while ago. I have run it 24/7 since then, rebooting every few weeks (or months). It had stock cooling up until about 6 months ago when I installed a Zalman. My guess is the processor is burned out.


My Plee: can someone recommend a hardware diagnostics suite for Win XP that is AWESOME? And what is your personal recommendation?

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This happened to me a few times but I got it working.


Install it again, when it freezes, reboot and install again without deleting the previous install. In other words, don't do a clean install. It should pick up where it left off in the previous install.


The instillation should complete, and you should be able to load Leopard. If it freezes again, just see if it really installed by trying to boot into the installation.


I hope this helps. :thumbsup_anim:

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Thanks guys, though it's not a problem with the install - that goes fine. It's a problem with the actual system after install.


I left the machine on for about 9 hours in windows and no problems. It really does feel like a leopard specific issue.


Perhaps something to do with File Sharing and the v100 intel driver... disks are fine, checked with disk utility and techtool pro no issues.... still trying to narrow it down i guess.


Im pretty sure its not a hardware problem, though it does seem like it should be.

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