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Need help with FreebieJeebies

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I just joined the site apple.freebiejeebies.com. For those who don't know freebiejeebies is one of those sites that gives you free stuff for completing offers, free trials, etc. You also have to get a certain amount of people to do the same through your referral link. The particular site apple.freebiejeebies.com offers all sorts of mac stuff. iMacs, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPod's, Apple TV, and other stuff. I chose the 24" iMac as my chosen prize. I have completed the offer and require 50 people to do the same.


PLEASE HELP ME OUT. If you sign up at my referral link HERE, you could get free stuff too. The site is totally awesome. I allready got Apple TV. Please click the link and help me out. :thumbsdown_anim:

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