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iPod and USB sticks no longer mount after 10.5.3 install


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Hi!I installed 10.5.3 over Leo4All V3 10.5.2 using the JaS 10.5.3 update. Everything works just fine except mounting USB devices. My USB mouse and keyboard work just fine but if I try to plug in a USB stick or my iPod Nano 3rd gen I get nothing.The devices aren't seen on the desktop or in /Volumes. iPod does says that it is connected. Both USB stick and iPod work just fine in Windows Vista and worked perfectly fine in 10.5.2 but not in 10.5.3.What can I do to fix this?


EDIT: I'll reply to myself. I just had to replace the 9.2.2 kernel I was using with the new 9.3.0 kernel. Copy & pasted from a "green demon" comment:


Backup kernel: sudo mv mach_kernel mach_kernel.9.2.2

Install new kernel: sudo mv mach_kernel.new mach_kernel for non-vanilla

or sudo mv mach_kernel.orig mach_kernel for vanilla kernel (SSE3 ONLY!!)


I went with the non-vanilla because I have no idea what the differences between the vanilla and non-vanilla are.

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