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Repeated CPU fan noise, but no re-start...

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Sometimes I cannot get the PC to reboot even though it really seems to be trying.

The CPU fan surges in speed, (as you'd expect) but rather than the two 'normal' surges, it goes to three, and four, and five, and six, and... it does that forever. Annoying.


But help is at hand.

The Fix:

When it happens, press the power button. It'll immediately shut down.


Then, when the HDDs have stopped spinning down, press the power button to start the PC.


Then immediately press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds.

The PC will shut down this time after the normal 5 seconds or so.


Then, after the drives have stopped spinning down, just press the power button again and the boot will begin normally (as it should).


Reply to this thread if your machine suffers the same symptons and you have a better fix.




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