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iAtkos v2 (misc discussion)

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Wasn't quite sure what patches to apply.


I have an HP DV8000t with a Intel Core Duo 2.16 Ghz CPU


2x 120 GB HDD (primary drive 111 or so GB parition of Leopard running iAtkos 2)

256 nvidia card (not sure what model, but graphics seem to work fine)


Anyways, I put 9.2.2 Kernel on along with graphics drivers and ethernet driver. Fixed my USB, wireless PC Card and one-finger scrolling post-install.


Everything would work just fine till I'd get into iTunes and start trying to edit Smart Playlists. It'd crash iTunes. So I trashed the iTunes app and reinstalled it from apple.com. Now iTunes works fine. Grand.


Now, for some reason, it'll randomly crash. It's hard to tell when and why, it's usually when I'm listening to music and surfing, sometimes running Transmission. Everything will be fine and then Kernel Panic out of nowhere. Downloaded a heat sensor control program which told me the sensors hang around high 50s into the low 60s on occasion. Went to see if removing the thermal kexts might help, but they weren't where they were supposed to be, so I assume they're already gone.


Any Ideas?


Do I need to update system files perhaps? SMBIOS, PowerManagement, anything like that? Haven't touch anything except the files hacked for the above mentioned features (USB, Scrolling, PC Card for wireless)...

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