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DELL's laptop cpus=1


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After I install the 10.4.9 & 10.5.1, i found that this Core Duo Mobile processors will cause graphical stuttering and intermittent performance. And it seems to happen only in the DELL's laptops.


Two ways to temporarily solve this problem:

A. Set it into Sleep and then Wake back, this will force a simultanious re-initialization of both cores.

B. Set the cpus=1 in the kernel flags.


Because every time i set the laptop into sleep, and the screen can't be back after wake it up.

Could anyone tell me the method to make the "sleep" function work? Or is it somethings goods news in the new version about this problem, sleep/core duo support?




My laptop:

Dell D420

CPU: Core duo 1.2G


Gfx card: GMA950

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