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weird mail.app keychain bug?


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I'm using 10.5.3 on my hack and just today decided to tell my login keychain to autolock after 5 minutes.


This behavior works well in most programs (if the keychain is locked, the program asks for my keychain password, and the keychain becomes unlocked for 5 minutes).


The one exception so far is mail.app, which will work fine if the keychain is already unlocked, but if it is locked will exhibit a strange behavior:


After typing my password in mail.app, it will successfully access my email password from my login keychain, but not actually unlock the keychain...except that keychain access will show that the keychain is unlocked.


How do I know that it isnt actually properly unlocked? Because all other programs will still ask me to enter my password to unlock the keychain, and the menubar icon will still stay locked until I do so. This results in the keychain image in keychain access and the icon in the menubar becoming "unsynchronized".




I'm wondering if this is a mail.app bug, an osx86 problem, or a problem that only occurs on my computer.

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Okay, so it seems like when mail.app unlocks the keychain the only app that cant access it is ichat..


If anyone could try the following it would be greatly appreciated. Especially on a real mac running leopard



1. using keychain access, under preferences, enable "show status in menubar"


2. make sure your keychain appears as locked in bot keychain access and in the menubar icon


3. open a program besides ichat that needs access to the keychain (adium, msn, mail.app, etc), enter your password.

--->does the icon in the menubar unlock? does the icon in keychain access unlock?


4. (optional) open another program besides ichat that requires keychain access

--->does the program prompt you to enter your keychain password?


5. open ichat (with your password already remembered in your keychain).

--->does ichat prompt you to enter your keychain password? If it does, when you do, does the status of the keychain in the menubar change?



I know this is a bit of work but unfortunately my friend's macbook is with her in japan at the moment so i can't test it on a real mac myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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i guess the keychain remains open for that application only(just a guess).

i dunno if it's related to the problem but...

if an application is signed, the app can access the keychain as long as long as it remain unmodified.

now. if you got an amd, or using an amd update, the app may be patched on cpuid checks. that means it got edited, the sign check fails and keychain doesn't let the app use passwords data

i'm still searching for a walkaround on the issue

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i'm using an intel core duo, vanilla kernel, from a brazilmac install. so I have only the bare minimum files modified and no cpuids patched. Applesmbios, appleacpiplatform, atiinject, and i believe ionetworkingfamily. A few other files are rolled back older versions from 10.5.1 such as IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext


I was working with a whole bunch of old powerbooks running tiger today and the issue did not exist. So now it's either a leopard bug, or a hackintosh bug. Anyone running leopard on either a hack or a real mac please try the above steps and i will be in your gratitute

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Hi all


I have also recognised on my AMD machine this issue, however not on my Intel machine. After several hours of searching the internet I suppose it should have something to do with Code Signing! If there is not a recognised Intel processor mail.app won't be code signed and key chain ignore this application as an trusted one. Therefore it don't grant access to the key within the key chain.


I'm not an expert, so I also would be grateful, if someone could go further on my hint. Here are some links, I've found:





I hope, it is allowed to post links. Otherwise, mod delete and sorry!


Thanks, Televisor

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