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ALC262 codec dump made X Sony Vaio VGN-N21S -


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Hi everyone.


I finally made a Codec Dump off my Vaio with the Knappix distribution CD in order to get the proper working Dump to use with the taruga Patcher but even this one is not even showing the audio icon, I may just give up in obtain a sound out of this lappy, I'm using the Leo4All 3 distro on an external USB HD.

Can someone check if the procedure I'm doing is right?


Fresh installation

Backup and removing of AppleHDA.kext form the system/library/extensions (on first attempt without removing it It did not work)


Drag the dump here attached onto the Taruga PAtcher 1.20, everything seems working ok.


Reboot = NOTHING


I'll do it again but this time at patching complete I'll use the diskutil to repair permissions (the log is giving me that permissions differ ect..) AND removing the extension.mkext = Nothing


I do not have appleazaliaaudio.kext installed to avoid conflicts.(used the tutorial for modified this one too, again, nothing)


I though that dumping the codec with linux I would have had a proper fix for my Soundcard :(


What to do?




please mod don't trash this :D


While I was writing this I was trying out the iAtkos 1.0ir2 and at reboot I heard the sound coming out of the splash demo! and wirelss working too!! what a treat! Unfortuantely like in my post to the creator I can't read the 'About this Mac' as it reset my desktop, it would be nice to get infos about to post a fix for those with my same hardware.

IN the system preferences I can only read HD audio output but no input, nevermind for now, it is the 10.5.1 but still, seems upgrade can loose vital settings?


Don't flame me for this, I only need to understand.....


Cheers :rolleyes:



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