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Installation (JaS 10.4.8) freezes at "gathering disk information"

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i've got a problem. my tries to install tiger on my samsung r50 failed in 90% of the tries at "gathering disk information" right after i selected my language.


ive browsed through the forum for hours already, but either there is no entry for my problem or im simply to stupid to find the right one :D


the other 10% of the tries fail before this step already.


i try to install tiger on a vmware virtual machine with vmware 6 and ive configured the vmware with the help of this guide: klick


my system:


pentium M dothan, 1,73 GHz (M740)

2 GB ddr2 ram

Chuipset: INtel i915PM/GM


has anyone n idea?


greets, ali


p.s.: sorry for my baad english ;-)

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