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LAG on 8600M GT?

josh Gillner

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The other day i decided to install 10.5.3. Seeing as i had vanilla kernel, i figured if i used netkas' method it would be fine. Of course, it panics during the install and bricks by vostro 1700. So, I reinstall using my Leo4Allv3 DVD and decided to choose my nvinject kexts during the install and not after like I usually do with the nvinstaller. The first time I installed I used the 256MB vanilla for my 8600M GT and it booted well. When i first got into the GUI, everything was FLAWLESS. I had always had some lag when opening stacks and switching spaces and especially when opening time machine. But for some reason everything this time was liquid smooth. But then, after a reboot my graphics lagged again. I didn't do ANYTHING that would influence the nvinject kexts in anyway, so i dont know why it lagged all of a sudden. I reinstalled completely using the nvinjectGO instead, and i got a black screen on boot. Repeated with the 256 vanilla again, same story again with the lag on reboot. It also decreases my xbench scores be 40-50 points on graphics related tests. QE and CI are still enabled and I have resolution, but any idea how i can stop the lag?




vostro 1700

Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz


2 GB DDR2 667 MHz ram

17" screen 1920x1200


the graphics worked once, so I know it's possible and that its not just my graphics card's ability.




ps, tried leo graphics update, didnt effect my install at all.

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