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Bonjour issues


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I have two machines running Leo4Allv3 10.5.2 and the Bonjour network functionality seems temperamental at best. Both have apple file sharing enabled but whereas my laptop will often pick up my desktop and display it in the navbar on Finder, my desktop does not detect my laptop at all. They are both connected via Ethernet cable to the same router.


I'm on a network with a couple of hundred other machines (a couple on OS X) and they have not been seen in my Finder for ages, either.


Meanwhile, iTunes on my laptop has the "shared" drop down menu and lists dozens of shares whereas my PC doesn't even have the "shared" drop down present despite the preferences being set to discover music shares.


I find that quite odd but I don't know where to start to resolve this. I'm guessing my PC is at fault seeing as it can't see any iTunes shares either? It's almost as if Bonjour isn't running, except that can't be true as the laptop will pick up the computer's music or network shares.


What on earth is the problem?! :huh:

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