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Detect wrong BSD Root? Install fail ...

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i have installed Leo on my Vaio laptop for couple of times already.

but this time, it s strange ...

for some reason, i can not clean install Leo (tried all methods and all releases available). but upgrade from Tiger 10.4.10.

so, i have tiger installed in my laptop (disk0s2 , since Windows is on disk0s1)

i used Toh 10.5.0 release for upgrading....

during the time when the dvd loading (verbose mode), i saw it displayed: BSD Root: disk0s3 major .. minor ..

i dont know why i have disk0s3 and s4 unused ( 0 kb ) ((--> anyway to delete these two?))


the installation run smoothly until the point @ 10 minutes remaining, it tells an error about cant detect bsd root system something ... so the installation is failed ( i hvanet dare to try it again) since i still see it detect bsd root is disk0s3


help me ..

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