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Installation freezes until you move mouse?


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I have installed Mac OS X 10.5.2 sucessfully on my AMD Turion laptop. However, I noticed it was not doing anything when it was trying to install. So I would move the mouse, and the DVD Drive would kick on and start installing. After it installed one package it would stop again. So I had keep moving the mouse or pressing a key through the entire installation. Now when it is booting up and shows the grey colored screen with the apple, and the circular progress bar, it will not move unless I move the mouse or press a key. Has this happened to anyone else? Very weird.


UPDATE: After installing the AMD patches, and moving the mouse through Installation and through startup, it booted. I still think the whole moving the mouse was a little obnoxious. But it definitely works on the AMD Turion 64 X2-TL56 processor (Dell Inspiron 1501).

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