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still waiting for root device - wtf?

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Hello there ;)

Not awhile ago (2 weeks ago) I have installed iATKOS 2.0i. got it working perfectly with some minimum configuration at installation (basic system + ToH's 9.2.0 Kernel + ntfs3g)

Today I have tried upgrading 10.5.3 using Netkas tutorial and I have screwed my whole Leopard :|

I used MacDrive to backup all of my stuff from Leopard and formatted the Macintosh HD using GParted Live CD. surprisingly, when trying to boot from the DVD so I can reinstall Leopard I am getting some crappy "still waiting for root device" message (which is weird since I have already installed a copy of iATKOS using the same disk on the same computer).

The line before I got still waiting for root was "AppleIntelPIIXPATA: Secondary PCI IDE channel is disabled"

what can I do so I could reinstall my Leopard? :?



Intel Core 2 Duo (Pentium) E2140 - 1.6GHz @ 1.84GHz (OC'd)

Biostar 945GC Micro 775

Kingston 2GB DDR2 667MHz

Western Digital WD2500KS-00MJB0 250GB SATA2 (16MB Bufer - 7200RPM) {Windows + Storage HD}

Hitachi DeskStar HDS721616PLA380 160GB SATA2 (8MB Buffer - 7200RPM) {Macintosh HD}

Inbuilt Realtek RTL8139 Ethernet 10/100LAN - Inbuilt Realtek ALC862 HD Audio Controller (As far as I know they are supported right of the box in Leopard)

Sparkle GeForce 8500GT 512MB HDMI HDTV DVI-D PCI-E

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